Our Services

Consultancy and Project management  expertise, that we can provide

Consultancy, engagement and advice:

For small projects we can provide contractor and vendor recommendations. We have many trusted suppliers, colleagues, and contacts within the industry, and can offer advice on many of the people and services you may require

For medium size projects like a new classroom. or a new Wifi network, we can advise, inform, procure and even manage the contractors and suppliers, through to completion and hand over  with as much, or as little management as you require.

For large projects like a new block, we can do all of the above, or we can just advise your advisor (and we have done this) on the main pitfalls, and problems to expect, and how to manage them succesfully.

For very large or complex projects, Like a school move, a new school build, or a refurbishment. We can in effect represent you, in authority, or design or construction meetings. Iin an ideal world this would be at the poiint of, or near to conception, but with large projects you might require help at any point in the timeline..

Project Management

Firstly what is a Project Manager? and what are his or her skills? Do they sit at a desk staring at plans all day? 

Well some do, but we don't.

We've found it works best to engage with people, if you build relationships with people, then the project has a better chance of success. We've always spent a lot of time getting to know everyone with an involvement with a project, be small or large.

 Building relationships are crucial to being able to counteract inevitable obstacles that will arise, along the course of a project.

However that is only part of the story. You do need a methodology, and you do need documentation to ensure, that everything is done at the right time, in the right way, in the right place, by the right people .

Some of the documentation you might need, or be expected to provide include the following:

  • A business case
  • A project overview
  • Project requirements
  • A project initiation document (PID)
  • A Project Plan
  • A scope of works
  • A procurement schedule
  • Project Logs
  • A Risk Register
  • A Status report
  • Change request documentation
  • Post project review documents
  • Project sign off documents.

We can provide all of these for you as a blank template for draft purposes, and/or fully written up for review and ready sign off by the appropriate people.

 Some people resist working with any form of documentation, and in reality, everything above may not be needed. But all stakeholders will be happier knowing exactly what is to be actioned, along with how, where and when.

 Sponsors, and Leadership will be happier still knowing the completed work has been planned, checked, tested and verified.

We can also provide the following services directly:

General ICT audits.

 We can visit, investigate, and report on the condition of your ICT estate, this will include areas of concern, and recommendations for improvement and compliance.

We can also enage specialist  experts on your behalf, and ensure the correct skillset is provided for in depth technical audits.

We can even advise, arrange, and manage environmental disposal, providing you with all of the correct documentation for auditing purposes..

ICT staff Interviews.

Are you looking for a new Network Manager? Or a Specialist Technician?

We have experience and are able to sit on an interview panel, or to interview candidates separately to ensure you have the right information, to select the right candidate, with the right skills and the right character, to fit in with your staff and your establishment.

Technical staff advice

We have built up relationships with lots of skilled specialists and technicians operating in the educational field. Their skills cover everything from MIS sytems to Cisco networks, with everything in between, and beyond.

Educational Consultancy.

Although we do not provide this first hand, again we have a vast talent pool we can call on, of trusted professionals covering almost very imaginable subject.


Children's safety is paramount in this electronic day and age, and although we do not provide this expertise first hand, we have trusted partners who can provide this service. from Internet usage policies to online web and social media safety.

Network Security.

We are very aware of the importance of Network security. We can analyse and provide recommendations to keep your pupils and staff safe. From a low level advisory report, to a full in depth audit report, complete with recommended action points.