Pricing and Timelines

How we work, how much does it cost? And how do you commission us?

Your first visit or conversation for any project is free as per our terms and conditions. Up to 1 hour in duration.( although we won't be clock watching) This can not only be for your initial engagement with us, but for every unique project you have ongoing or upcoming.

For all of our activities we can either charge per hour for simple tasks), or in pre selected blocks of time. Remember, we never pre charge, anything we do for you will be communicated, agreed, and confirmed as complete, before any invoice is sent to you.

For each task or requirement we will estimate using our experience of past similar projects, on how much time we think an individual, or group of tasks will take to complete.

This will then be confirmed and agreed by both parties via email, along with confirmation of engagement, and the agreed start date, again via email, or letter.

There are no travel or hidden expenses within a sensible distance, however If you required us to go from Surrey to Birmingham for a meeting for example. We may want to agree an expenses charge. We would always agree expected costs before engagement commences. anything of this nature will be clarified and agreed beforehand.

We can offer you anything from 1 hour, to 100's of hours with anything in between. A few examples of what some of these tasks their timelines, and approximate costs, might be as follows:.

1 Hour Or a single task: From £50. This might be for the review of technical drawings, with comments and recommendations, and advisory actions.

4 Hours From £160 This might be to cover the attendance and subsequent site visit at a construction, or design meeting, with a follow up report and recommendtions.

10 Hours POA. From 10 hours upwards we  can discount by negotiation and agreement. This would perhaps cover a days site audit + reports,recommendations, and advisory actions for example.

20 Hours. This might be to facilitate, record and manage any expectations staff may have for a new ICT system.

100 Hours. This for example would possibly  allow meeting/site attendance, reports, and documentation creation for the construction of a new school block. 

300 Hours, would be as above, but possibly for a whole new Primary school.

These are just a general guide of what scenarios may arise and how much time you would possibly need. Obviously no project, as much as anyone says differently, is ever the same.

 Everything we provide, or propose, will be clear and concise, so you always know exactly where you are, and how much assistance you require. 

Of course any task or amount of time you might require can be tailored to your exact needs, and of course your available budget.