The first design meeting

I've project managed over 20 schools through various phases, and complete finish to end and beyond.

Were they all the same?

If you ask the construction company, or the major stakeholder, or anyone else non ICT related, then the answer would probably come back as yes!

In reality every single one has been different. Be that from a design perspective,  stakeholder expectations,  variants in budgets, or a multitude of other ingredients, the result has been, not one was, or is, the same.

Often, we would attend initial design meetings, and have enquiries to why our input was needed that early? A common comment would be: "Well the IT  will just work. won't it? You come in a week before handover and connect it up, don't you"?

The first answer is normally "what to"? 

This usually foreshortens the first meeting whilst the architects, and the site manager, retire, to hastily re-draw the plans with a server/hub room included for review.

I love the initial meetings, they are invariably short!

Look out for upcoming items, including, what to do when your wireless point installation team fail the sites random drugs tests, and are escorted from the site.

Or what should you do, when the architects include a server room in the plans, but don't actually include an entrance to it?