Educational ICT Consultancy and Project Management

Welcome To Proschool

An ICT project can be like a river, meandering along and apparently running smoothly, then all of a sudden you hear the waterfall...

We are a Surrey based company that focuses entirely on Educational ICT Consultancy, and Project Management requirements.

Our lead Consultant/PM has 17 years of experience in Surrey, Lewisham. Ealing, Waltham Forest, Hampshire, Sussex and Berkshire schools. During this period working exclusively for a Local Authority and a major national Educational support company.

We consult, advise, and Project Manage school ICT based activities, whether it's a new Set of laptops, a new Wifi network, a new classroom, all the way up to a complete new build or refurbished school.

We can ensure whatever your project, you have the correct advice, the proper documentation, and using all of our contacts, the best contractors, and our most trusted suppliers gained over 17 years working in education. This will ensure the best prices and outcomes for your projects, day to day school environment, and not least of all, your budget.

Some of the major projects in the past decade we have been prime ICT lead for include:

  • A phased build for 2 x 1500+ pupil secondary schools.
  • One new build for a split site school with 2 main blocks 400 yards apart.
  • One part new build, and 1 refurbishment for a split site secondary school.
  •  A decant, then demolition and rebuild, and then a move back in for a top specialty school.
  • A Surrey Primary school new build and decant.
  • A Brand new Surrey school on a new site.
  • A brand new primary school integrated with a public library, social housing and retail premises.

All of the above were managed from day 1 through to completion and handover, and most importantly all opened on the proposed day.

These schools opened on the contracted day, able to operate in a fully functioning environment.

Not all schools we have been aware of have been able to state that.

With the best will in the world, and even though construction companies are very thorough, and professional, ICT provision is something that quite often drops out of the thought process, unless monitored and managed.

As we know, ICT doesn't just work, everything from before the first shovel goes into the ground, or the fist cable is  terminated, needs to be planned and managed properly. Sometimes this can be a challenge, particularly for school staff who may have been seconded to be the ICT lead, and have no real experience to deal with ever changing deadlines, personnel, and unexpected situations.

Governance is required on any medium to large project, and how can that be provided without the correct knowledge?

Some of the projects we have been called into rescue at the last second have included:

  • A primary school where the broadband providers installed the fibre point at the wrong end of the school, 2 weeks before opening day.
  • A multi storey school where they had a state of the art server room with lots of cutting edge switches, on the top floor but all of the cables had been installed to the ground floor hub room.
  • A primary school where the final version drawings had been approved without a server/switch location. There was no documentation to trace how the issue had occurred, and no documentation available to facilitate a time critical change easily.
  • A school where no one had thought about ordering a phone system of any kind until 2 weeks before opening. We were engaged very late in the day, and managed to fast track a system via a major telecoms provider.

This list is not exhaustive, and all of the issues were easily avoidable, if someone had been managing from the ICT perspective.  The result was that the school leadership were uninformed and unaware, and could not administer the correct governance, which could have cost them time, money, and more importantly a school unable to open on time.

If nothing like the above as ever happened to someone you know, and you are confident you have the ability to resolve any of the above, then you probably won’t need us

How we can help.

We can provide all of the advice, recommendations, knowledge, and any documentation to make any ICT project you engage in, successful. 

This not only makes the current project a positive experience for everyone involved, but also gives you the knowledge, and the confidence for future plans that you may have, that may not require outside help.

Some Small/Medium projects we have managed/consulted on

  • New networks and servers
  • Large hall Audio visual solutions
  • Immersive Classrooms
  • Server room designs
  • Sensory rooms
  • IWB solutions
  • Mobile network deployment
  • Cashless catering systems
  • VOIP systems
  • CCTV Solutions
  • Events management and FM systems
  • WiFi network upgrades
  • MIS provider swaps
  • Data Centre moves
  • Office relocations

It may be that you do not need us at all?

But, why not find out?

We offer a free 1 hour consultation on any upcoming ICT project you may have.

This may require a school/site visit from us, or even just a phone call. If we think you have all of the abilities and knowledge required, we'll tell you there and then. All it will cost you is a coffee at worst!

If you do need us?

After years of knowing how tight school budgets are, and how much professional help usually costs, we are dedicated to working in the real educational world, at real world prices, that always provide good value,and high quality workmanship.

There are no hidden charges, or extra's, we believe value and honesty are no compromise to the quality you should expect from us or anyone in the challenging world that is modern education.

New for 2018

We can now offer 2 new services for this year and ongoing.

ICT Equipment moves

We can move all of your ICT kit for building, site, room moves, deep cleaning, or just re-locations. We are fully insured both onsite, and if the move is offsite, then we have a fully insured vehicle, and have goods in transit insurance. As part of the service we can power down, move, and power back up for full peace of mind. You wont have to do anything apart from tell us where to relocate to.

ICT kit cleaning

We can also now offer a full cleaning service, both internally and externally. This can cover PC's, Laptops. Printers, servers and network equipment.

Externally equipment can become dirty and harbour bacteria, causing a potential health hazard. Internally they become dusty, and collect fluff, which as well as the unhealthy effects of this being blown out of devices in small particles, it can also cause devices to overheat, malfunction, and even fail completely over time. 

With both of these new services, we can arrange to do, out of school hours, therefore minimising disruption, and speeding up the process, saving you money.

Call or email us for a discussion, or to arrange a site visit to estimate, or quote for either of these activities.